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Grass Cutting

Throughout the growing season all of our lawns will be cut on a fortnightly basis. If these areas are left to grow for longer it will not only make a site look untidy but also increase the chance of moss and weeds developing. If given the chance, Moss will take over large areas of lawn and stop the grass from growing at its normal rate.

It is also important for the grass to be cut at the right height depending on the time of year. If you cut a lawn on too higher setting this will encourage moss and other weeds to grow beneath. If we are making weekly visits to any sites and there are show lawns present, we will cut these on every visit.

  • Banks
  • Recreational Areas
  • Formal lawns
  • Airfield Mowing
  • Edges

Hedge Cutting

All types of hedges grow at different rates. We will identify a cutting schedule for all hedges on site and follow it closely throughout the year. If a hedge is left for too long without cutting it will outgrow its shape and thereafter be very difficult to restore. We will replace any dead hedging when necessary.

Weed Killing

Spraying Glyphosate solution is the most effective way to kill off all weeds. The solution will be absorbed deep into the roots and ensure that there is no chance of re-growth from the existing weed. We use a specific solution containing added acid content for faster results.

Beds and Shrubberies

This is one of the main services that we provide. We will keep all shrubs pruned and prevent any insects or disease from spreading. All beds are turned over to eradicate any weed growth. On our larger sites we will also provide bark chipping to control the weeds and improve appearance. We have access to local wholesalers where we can buy in any shrub or plant at the director’s request. This also includes Bulbs and Seed whether it is for bare patches on a lawn or any designated areas for growth in the spring. We often have designated areas for Annual bedding which will be planted for colour throughout the summer and winter seasons.

General Horticultural Advice

We have extensive knowledge on the allocation and care of plants and shrubs. We have taken on many sites in which Plants or Shrubs are struggling to survive after being placed in the wrong environment. This could be due to overcrowding in beds, too much or a lack of natural sunlight, or a lack of water. Alternatively Eracatious shrubs require additional, adequate feeding.

Lawn Maintenance

We carry out lawn treatments 2-3 times a year, once in the spring, once in the summer and then once in the autumn. During very dry, hot summers, a mid-summer treatment is not possible with soluble feed. A minimal amount of rain is necessary for the lawn treatment to take effect and if a treatment is laid down in drought conditions, it can cause sufficient damage. Moss and Weeds are both killed off and as a result the grass will become thicker and greener.

  • Aeration
  • Lawn Feeding

  • Scarifying

Allwinds Grounds Maintenance Other Services

  • Bark Chip Mulching

  • Bin Store Management

  • Conservation Areas

  • Grass Seeding

  • Hard Surface Treatment

  • Leaf Blowing
  • Litter Picking
  • Pest control
  • Pesticides on Shrubs

  • Turf Scarification
  • Wildflower Planting

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Client Testimonials

Allwinds Ground Maintenance have been tending to the grounds of Montague for almost two years. We are extremely happy with their level of maintenance. They insist on a constant schedule of communication to keep us up to date with the work they are doing.

Montague Fell, Sudbury
The level of expertise demonstrated by the Team at Allwinds is of an extremely high level. We have been particularly impressed with their plant knowledge which is sometimes hard to find in many ground’s maintenance companies. This coupled with their immaculate attendance makes for our grounds looking rather splendid.
Claremont Place