Frequently asked Questions & Answers

What is your Attendance policy?

We will attend your site on the most suitable day for you. Once a day has been settled we will write up a written agreement that is exceptable with both parties. In the rare event of us not being able to attend on the agreed day due to adverse weather etc, we will communicate this with you and organise the nearest suitable date. Depending on the size of the site, we will allocate the right number of workers and ensure that you have the same workers onsite throughout the year. There will be a rare occasion in which one member cannot attend. If this occurs, we will always make sure we still have at least one member who has been working regularly on this site.

Who do we speak to if we have any queries?

Every site will be given one point of contact. This point of contact will be committed to maintaining high levels of contact throughout the year.

Can we seek Plant advice?

All of our employees are fully capable of offering the relevant plant/ shrub advice, be it the positioning of new shrubs or advice on new border arrangement. We will also be able to offer advice for the right course of action to be taken with any diseased trees, plants or shrubs.

Do you have a working schedule?

From the initial visit, a working plan will be devised making sure all required tasks on site are carried out, preventing hidden areas from being neglected. This plan also gives you as a director an understanding of what we are looking to achieve on your site.

How do we know what work you have been carrying out?

Allwinds offers a monthly site report stating all tasks that have been carried out. Any issues encountered within this period will also be included. This monthly report ensures regular communication is maintained between us and the client.

Do you provide Pest Control?

Allwinds work closely with a professional independent pest control company who have worked alongside us for several years. This enables us to carry out any aspect of pest control work at any of our sites.any diseased trees, plants or shrubs.

Let us take away the hassle of maintaining your complexes image.

Be it the gardens or grounds surrounding your development, let Allwinds take away the hassle and improve your complexes image.

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Allwinds Grounds Maintenance

Client Testimonials

Allwinds Ground Maintenance have been tending to the grounds of Montague for almost two years. We are extremely happy with their level of maintenance. They insist on a constant schedule of communication to keep us up to date with the work they are doing.

Montague Fell, Sudbury
The level of expertise demonstrated by the Team at Allwinds is of an extremely high level. We have been particularly impressed with their plant knowledge which is sometimes hard to find in many ground’s maintenance companies. This coupled with their immaculate attendance makes for our grounds looking rather splendid.
Claremont Place